DCMP & 401(k) Match Calculator
Welcome to the DCMP & 401(k) Match Calculator. At Walmart, we know it pays to plan ahead, and with this tool, you can do just that. This tool is designed to help you determine how to maximize your savings opportunities across the two plans. First, enter your current DCMP deferral election and/or your 401(k) plan contribution elections to see if you are maximizing the company match. Then, try a different scenario on your own to model the impact on your potential savings for the upcoming year. When you are ready, click the “Go Now” button to the right to model your deferral elections.

Model Your

Note: The Match Calculator is for planning purposes only. If you would like to make a change to your current base salary and/or bonus elections in the DCMP, visit Fidelity NetBenefits®. To make a change to your PreTax and/or Roth elections, please contact your 401(k) provider.
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